Fantasy VC

People who can’t own their own sports teams play fantasy sports. People who can’t invest in the stock market do virtual trading. Why should I be left out? I decided that I’m going to publish my list of investing picks (that I’ve kept private up til now), so that in the future I can (and you can) look back and see how I do.

To make it more realistic, I’m giving myself ~$3M/year to invest – that’ll keep me honest and help make me decide how much I like each company, not just that I like them (which is important from an investor’s perspective). I’m including the date picked as that’s relevant to finding startups before everyone else.

Goals are to identify both super successful and undervalued companies, before they becomes “obviously successful.” I’ll be attending YC Alumni Demo Day and meeting with a bunch of people in the tech community, because I do that anyway. Disclosures and notes at bottom. I can’t currently afford to act on these, but if you do & make any profit, feel free to share. Some day in the future, I hope to put my money where my mouth is (want to make that happen? let’s talk).

Update: Thanks for the great response. It turns out that as interesting as “Fantasy VC” is, finding up and coming companies and helping them grow is even more exciting. I’m no longer updating this document publicly as I’ve started angel investing in companies (check them out on AngelList).

 By Date:

 Year Totals:

2013: $1.25M YTD (Balanced, Scoot Networks, Thalmic Labs, WeFunder, StyleUp, FlightCar, BitNami, Teespring, Screenhero, Prizeo, Zenefits, Lawdingo, Goldbely, Medisas, Stealth YC W13 Startup, Stealth YC W13 Startup)

2012: $3M (Dwolla, Exec, Postmates, Crowdtilt, Karma, FundersClub, Virool, Instacart, Sponsorfied,, SideCar, OrderAhead, Coinbase, Clever, GitHub,, Eligible, Amicus, AdRoll, Digg, Pocket, Upstart, Svbtle, Duolingo, LendUp, PayTango)

2011: $3.1M (Rapportive, Bump Technologies, BankSimple, SoundCloud, Greplin, Hipmunk, Getaround,, Flipboard, Pulse, Viralheat, Chartboost, Gumroad, Stripe, Betterment, FreedomPop, Wealthfront)

Undated: (Square, Uber, Twilio)

Disclosure: I currently have no financial positions in any of these companies, though many of them are founded by people I’m lucky to call my friends. If I could invest, this is where I’d put my money.


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